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NB01 - Pond at the summer palace “Narmada” of the ruler of Lombok.
NB02 - View on the Dewa temple in Tjakranegara.
NB03 - Three KNIL soldiers amid the remains of Pagesangan. Fighting for the village lasted from 13 to 17 September 1894.
NB04 - A group of KNIL soldiers posing inside benteng Kaleh near Mataram.
NB05 - View on the Dewah temple complex in Tjakranegara along the road to Mataram.
NB06 - A group of Sasak men in front of the gate of the temple in Lingsar.
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Christiaan J. Neeb (1860 - 1925) was a KNIL medical officer and photographer. In 1894 he participated in two military expeditions to Lombok. The series of photographs taken during these expeditions were later marketed by photo studio Charls & van Es in Soerabaia. This section shows ten of these photographs.
NB07 - A KNIL column on the road from Ampenan to Mataram. The photograph was taken on 11 June 1894.
NB08 - The men of Lt. Col. Scheuer posing at their positions east of Pagesangan. The main artillery is in the fortification on the far right.
NB09 - A bamboo bridge over the river Djangkok on the road from Ampenan to Mataram.
NB10 - KNIL guards at the western gate of Mataram.