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WS01 - “No.360: Crown Prince.”
WS02 - “No.367: The Emperor’s Gamelan.”
WS03 - “No.368: The Rebab and Player.”
WS04 - “No.370: The Gender and Player.”
WS07 - “No.374: The Kenons and Player.”
WS08 - “No.377: The Emperor’s Dwarf.”
WS05 - “No.371: The Suling and Player.”
WS06 - “No.372: The Gong and Player.”
WS09 - “No.379: The Emperor’s Dancing Girls.”
WS10 - “No.385: Gambang Player.”
WS11 - “No.386: Opium Smoker (Javanese).”
WS12 - “No.392: A Girl of the Lower Class.”
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WS13 - “No.1278: A Trumpeter.”
WS14 - “No.1279: A Fifer.”
WS17 - “No.1301: A Coachman.”
WS18 - “No.1306: Malay Boy: Errand Boy.”
WS15 - “No.1281: A Drummer.”
WS16 - “No.1283: A Soldier.”
WS19 - “No.1307: Malay Girl: Study.”
WS20 - “No.1308: Malay Girl: Study.”
WS21 - “S.44: Emperor’s Dancing Girls.”
WS22 - “S.45: Emperor’s Band.”
WS23 - “S.48: Emperor’s Flute.”
WS24 - “S.50: Emperor’s Trumpet.”
Walter Woodbury (1834 - 1885) was a British photographer and inventor. In May 1857 he arrived in Batavia where he founded a photo studio together with another British photographer James Page (1833-1865). In early 1863 Woodbury returned to England where he worked on several inventions and technical innovations. One of these inventions was the Woodburytype slide which is a form of photographic glass slide. The 31 Woodburytype slides shown in this section all have dimensions 3¼ inch x 3¼ inch, and are produced using the photographic negatives that were produced by Woodbury and Page during their stay in Java.
WS25 - “No.1305: Malay children: Lower class.”
WS26 - “No.1314: Chinese children: High class.”
WS27 - “No.393: A sweetmeat vendor.”
WS28 - “No.56: Njai: a native housekeeper.”
WS29 - “No.391: Java: Girl lower class.”
WS30 - “No.102: Java: Officer full dress.”
WS31 - “No.261: Young princes, native costume.”