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Dimensions: 120 x 237 mm 2 Author: - Publisher: Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij (KPM) Printer: G. Kolff & Co., Weltevreden, Java, Dutch East Indies Date: December 1928 Description: The brochure “To Sumatra by KPM” invites travelers to visit Sumatra using the KPM steamers. Information is provided on the Padang coast and highlands, Medan and surroundings (Lake Toba, Brastagi and Prapat), the land route from Medan to Fort de Kock, and a round trip through south Sumatra. Further information on motor car services, guest houses, and itineraries for excursions. The brochure has 33 b/w photos of scenery, architecture, village life and people. The brochure also has a fold-out map showing towns, railways, roads and rivers. The cover design is by Jan Lavies. (softcover, 57 pages.)