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Dimensions: 104 x 231 mm 2 Publisher: Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland (SMN) and Rotterdamsche Lloyd (RL) Printer: - Date: - Description: The brochure “The Far East” provides information on the joint service of Nederland Line (SMN) and Rotterdam Lloyd Royal Mail Line (RL) from San Francisco and Honolulu to Japan, China, Java, Manila, the straits settlements, and the far east. The fortnightly service is carried out by the steamers Wilis, Rembrandt, Rindjani, Vondel, Grotius, Kawi and Oranje. The brochure has 30 panels with text and b/w images, and a large fold-out map. Text by P.A. Daum. (softcover, 14 pages, stapled)