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Dimensions: 110 x 220 mm 2 Publisher: Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij (KPM) Printer: Koch & Knuttel, Gouda, The Netherlands Date: September 1928 Description: Brochure describing the service of the two KPM steamers “Nieuw Holland” and “Nieuw Zeeland” on the route Penang-Belawan- Deli-Singapore-Batavia-Samarang-Sourabaya-Macassar-Brisbane-Sydney- Melbourne and vice versa. The brochure is illustrated with a route map and captioned photos of the ships and the ports of call. The unfolded dimensions of the brochure are 225 x 220 mm 2 . Artwork on cover by Albert Hemelman. (40 pages, stapled)
Rear of the unfolded brochure